Broken Strings

The first time I broke a string was in my piano teacher’s studio at the end of a Shostakovich prelude (high D). I have since graduated from breaking strings in the highest octave to breaking strings in the lowest octave–today I broke low E at home. (Yay?) I just happened to be recording so here’s because […]


I have always found something beautiful about moths. They are not colorful like butterflies, no, but that, I think, is exactly what makes them beautiful. Perhaps it’s how you never see them but against the light, or how they love the light so much they determinedly attach themselves onto the screen until you open it. […]


Today I don’t really want to finish writing the last post. I’ll do it when I’m not so dead and when I feel like it. Piano. I don’t know how many hours I have spent on this in my life. Probably the single most time-consuming activity other than sleep. Music and I have this kind […]


Remember… when one week’s homework took an hour when boys had cooties when being older than everyone else was cool when teachers had good handwriting when the six graders were the biggest, smartest, scariest kids in the world then high school and the upperclassmen were scary being called “freshmen” when cell phones were rare when […]