To Love

To love is a decision made with half a conscious mind, then the rest quickly follows. Or is it the other way around? To love is to be bound but to be content nevertheless. Or is it the other way around?


Math is like love–a simple idea but it can get complicated. -R. Drabek Because Valentine’s day is soon. And because we obviously need math to teach us about love. It also makes for a wonderful Valentine’s card title whatever if your boyfriend likes math. (Shh…)

All right

Alyssa had promised herself she would tell him everyday for two weeks. But it seemed everyday there was a club meeting, or he was playing cards with his friends, and she hated walking all the way over to their table just to find out they didn’t have another person for their game. Online chat was […]


Remember… when one week’s homework took an hour when boys had cooties when being older than everyone else was cool when teachers had good handwriting when the six graders were the biggest, smartest, scariest kids in the world then high school and the upperclassmen were scary being called “freshmen” when cell phones were rare when […]