Characters in my stories. Otherwise known as people in my life. I’ve decided instead of using actual names or versions of actual names, I’ll use code names! I got the idea our junior high days, when we our crushes (we didn’t call them crushes though) code names so we didn’t need to whisper or be afraid of people overhearing. If you actually know me, please don’t judge my code names. I’ll add names as people appear in stories.

Penguin cat: (Well I didn’t think of this.) He’s (okay nouns are extremely hard in his case.) If you read the stories, I think you’ll figure it out. Evidently, he likes penguins.

妹妹 / meimei:Chinese for little sister. My sister, obviously. Not really a code name, but whatever.

Kitty: I tried and tried and tried to think of a proper code name for her, but I ended up just using Kitty. One of my really close friends.


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