I am thankful for…

(Oops this is totally not late.) My family for dealing with my possibly horrible taste in pop music, for listening to the rhythms and the slow practice (and wrong notes) every…single…day, for supporting and believing in and not giving up on me. Mommy for being really the most straightforward person I know and the best […]

The Night is Still Young

(I gave up doing the code name thing for this one. Just too many people.) Our junior prom was yesterday. Hmm where do I start? The ask I guess then? Wednesdays in my school are late-start (9:00 instead of 8:00), so I like to schedule my orthodontist appointments then. My appointment ended at around 8:00, […]


Merry Christmas! 😀 Is this bad that I didn’t think of this as “oh hey we’re celebrating the birth of Jesus” for the entire day? Oh well. The Christmas presents I got everyone this year? Nonexistent, because the week before I had a recital, and the week before that…was preparation…and it was too early. In […]