On the other side

I’m not a particularly high-maintenance person (this, incidentally, is how I started one of my college essays). My daily makeup routine is basically lotion when I remember; genes or God or whatever blessed me with pretty good skin. But on Thursday I went to an university-sponsored dance on a boat, so I dressed up. Short kind of skin-tight […]


If you are a guy, you may or may not be comfortable reading this. I warned you, so either 1) be mature or 2) don’t read this. Once a month, I run into a series of rather awkward situations. The situations are predictable but unavoidable. Let me explain: My pads are in my backpack. I […]

…and Stuff

Not posting for a few days feels weird now. Anyway, this is sort of a random stuff from the last three days post Anyhow, on Monday, the first day back from break, my mom decides to bring the prom thing up again. Conversation (when I was washing dishes right after I get back from school): […]