College is freedom in its own special way. I’m allowed to decorate my room like this (work in progress): I’m also allowed to go any store at any time and hang out with friends when I want and I can fall in love with whoever I want. More on that later. I have a midterm […]

Twenty Dollar Bills, Huck Finn, and Parenting

Yes, it’s apparently all related. And hopefully I tell the story properly. [I’ve been putting off writing this, but it’s been a week, so forget finals for a while. ] Last Monday, I went to volunteering, and there was still thirty minutes until class started, and Auntie Michelle started the conversation with this story/quote: A […]


Some girls in my grade started a Facebook group for prom dresses. (Yes, this early.) Basically, when you decide on a dress, you post the dress so no one shows up in the same one. And some people have already staked out their dresses this early. Which, for some reason, made me paranoid, and even […]


Last year, my history teacher gave us a project at the end of the school year. Called the “Me” Project, it actually had nothing to do with history. We were supposed to make a scrapbook with pages that related to lessons he taught. One of the lessons my teacher taught us was the importance of […]