The Hole called Succulents: a Beginner’s Guide

Succulents are adorable! I fell into this hole a while back, towards the beginning of freshman year. But I’ve been acquiring more and more of them this year and I thought I should make a guide (though a plethora exist already, for sure) for those who want to keep their succulents alive.

The first thing to note is that succulents are really hardy plants. Like if you leave them in your dorm for a week while you’re there’s a good chance they will pull through.

However, while dryness is usually not an issue, but not enough sun and too much water is. (Caveat is if your succulent is under a LOT of direct sunlight per day (like say 5-6 hours of midday to afternoon sun) you risk burning your succulent if it doesn’t get enough water. So if this is the case in your room, make sure to monitor your succulents leaves from time to time.) A succulent needs at least a few hours of direct sunlight per day, so try putting it on a sunny window sill.

The other really horrible thing you can do to your succulent is feed it too much water and rot its roots.  While this sounds really horrible and seemingly unfixable, (again) they are super hardy. So just cut away the nonrotted part, dump out the soil, and repot the not rotted part in new soil. This works for making two plants out of one as well. (:

So how do you know a succulent is having a problem? Remember how fat and firm and juicy those leaves were when you got him/her? That’s always the way the leaves towards the top should be (the ones towards the bottom will wilt). But if you’re noticing a disproportionate amount of limp unhealthy leaves that’s usually a sign to try something different.

Happy succulenting! (:


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