NaNoBloMo and Updates!

Hello! It’s been a long time (been super busy, mostly because…I don’t seem to stop having school?…sorry). Also I’ve been having a bad case of feeling a lot (okay, this is me a lot of the time though) but still not really right words for them (ya know that feeling?)

So to try to break out of my writer’s block, maybe I’ll give you my updates in a series of short poems! Short poems as in short in length and short in composition time. Here goes!


Coal, tell me
when do you think this origami flame
sprung up

from butterflies and stars and
being awake for much the same time they were


I’ve fallen down the hole
named stationery
but that was preceded by
the hole called succulents


I once read a book where
the house gnomes came in and
made bread with whatever
materials you left out

I’m trying to mix together math cs
education writing
it’s gonna take forever
but I love my students


In people it is easy to find
fault and darkness
but in my students it’s easy to find
potential and light.

I consider making a new blog every year, but I think it’s interesting to see how I grow as a person and a writer. (The girl who made the first post on here was a junior in high school. She’s grown up a bit, I think.) This is my third time doing NaNoBloMo whoohoooo (:


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