Dalida was an Egyptian artist who sang in like ten languages, including French (I think her big break came in France). I was introduced to her by my AP French teacher. She told us, “Mais elle est morte, c’est tragique.” Over the summer I listened to Paroles, paroles, but it wasn’t until coming to Berkeley that […]


The sidewalk people tote their treasures wherever they go Looking for food scraps to eat Coffee cups to ask with Plastic bottles for a refund at the recycling station Once these men and women may have been soldiers students waiters shopkeepers Once they had more than a trash bag of treasure Some people forget their loneliness with riches […]


College is freedom in its own special way. I’m allowed to decorate my room like this (work in progress): I’m also allowed to go any store at any time and hang out with friends when I want and I can fall in love with whoever I want. More on that later. I have a midterm […]