A mini-poem for each!

My parents
We had perhaps a bit of a rough start,
for neither you nor me got my feelings
I later saw how much you love me
how you taught me to be kind
and that is good enough for me.

My sister
We too had a rough beginning,
but I enjoy your frank remarks
our silly repartee and steadfastness.

Xunrae Bing
We go waaay back, no?
Thank you for speaking in a
stream of consciousness

The two of you are so cute
I can’t just write two poems
(actually maybe code names are just too hard)
anyways, thank you for our great exploits of lore
and here are cheers for many more!

I thank you, roomie,
for our butterflies and our dragons
and our ice cream and our late-night talks
I hope 341 will become more
and more
our home away from home.

Leerry Hookerr
I hope you at last come to realize
I haven’t felt this way in a long, long while
You’d better start acting like you’re worth it soon
but really I thank you for making me smile.

Origami Flame
Thank you for being always there for
for basically everyone
but also for me.

Chipmunk Cow
In hindsight, looking back at the whole thing,
Truly I have no regrets,
I hope you feel the same.
I’m glad we at last worked things out–
Thank you for the memories and
helping me with homework and
for being such a troll.

If trolls exist
(they do)
why, you’d be the king of the trolls!
But a troll king I can rely on.

On Hallow’s Eve,
it is my firm belief
that only you can truly be a cat–
and a bookworm cat at that.

Ironic Oxidant
You’re a chemist
aka a lost cause
thanks for walking me home
even though I hate chemistry.

After six years of going to the same school and not having a single class together
I’m finally getting to know you and here’s what I have:
You’re a nerd
but a buff nerd
and a caring buff nerd
who’s kind of idealistic too
caring idealistic buff nerd who gives rather sound advice.
Thank you.

Thank you for being
a little (read: a lot) wrong in the head,
it’s okay
I am too.

Dill Pong
Thank you, my starry-eyed friend,
for being so hard to characterize.

Werry Ju
Thank you for reading my ramblings–
I so enjoy your comments for
you are as logical as I am not.

It’s always just
fairly trivial,
huh? Thank you for being
fairly amusing.

Talking to you is a breath of fresh air.

Lane E. Lin
Your metaphors grow on metaphor trees
as opposed to metaphorical trees.
Thank you for the free metaphors.

My Readers
For caring, reading, staying, I have
for you but one heart of thanks.



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