Today (11/20/15) was the last day of being a child. It was also a good day.

I went to math lecture early to talk to a certain someone who discovered (for those of you who still have not, it’s basically Chinese Amazon but everything is extra cheap). Have fun reading the Chinese, I said.

“Fuck,” he said, “it’s in Chinese.”

Did I say sometimes he says “fick” to censor himself?

Math quiz was meh but I was running on four hours of sleep. But that’s alright because we got out of class early and we talked some more! 😀 At a certain point I started listing out chem people I knew, and he said, “You know me too.” I just thought it was adorable. And then I asked him to have lunch with me on Sunday, and we’re going to my favorite cafe!

I was smiley for an entire hour after this. Like you know the kind of smile that just sneaks up on you and all of the sudden it blows up on your face and everyone can guess what’s up.

Then I ran into the resident couple of the squirREL family and we hung out in Unit 2 recounting our life stories. Funniest story: when ThoL was small and on a stroller, his sister got tired of walking and demanded to switch places with him. He can’t walk, his mom said. “Make him walk.”

We ate dinner at Thai Basil (note to self: it’s a lot of food).

When I came back I found that GemG hadn’t left the dorm for an entire so I made her get up and we went to get froyo.

Honestly this entire post was just to record this day in history. Because it was a good one.

And yeah, about not being a kid tomorrow? Here’s to hoping I don’t ever become as the little prince would say, “une grande personne.”

Here’s to many more good days!


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