I am thankful for…

(Oops this is totally not late.)

My family for dealing with my possibly horrible taste in pop music, for listening to the rhythms and the slow practice (and wrong notes) every…single…day, for supporting and believing in and not giving up on me.

Mommy for being really the most straightforward person I know and the best role model I could wish for, for taking me to piano class every week (seriously, this is huge), for cooking, and for being hilarious and fair at the same time.

Daddy for being a good guy in general and for paying for all my interests (this is huge too) and for being way too intelligent and driving to competitions and summer volunteer stuff and every single vacation. And for fixing just about everything that goes wrong in our house.

Catherine—even though you take advantage of my gullibility way too often and I have to wake up earlier than you every day to make our breakfast/lunch I think you’re a good sister in general and I appreciate all our Facebook messages when we’re in the same house and all our gossip sessions, which unfortunately we might have trouble conducting next year. It’s okay, I’ll call, though I’m sure you’ll fall into deeper depression than me if I don’t. 😛

And now in no particular order,

Penguin Cat for being thoughtful and caring and amazingly musical and mathy at the same time, for your own unique mischievousness (even the random tricks), for your totally not guilty look that I totally catch every time.

Xunrae Bing for being just you and for your love of your Tacky and swimming anime. Thanks for the dry humor and extreme bluntness; it’s actually pretty refreshing, as no one else is brave enough to be like that.

Kitty for being someone I can have a real literary discussion with—I love you! 😀 And you’re super graceful and ballerina kitty like (actually you are a ballerina Kitty) please show me how to not trip cracks in the ground and/or my own feet. And thanks for always coming up with a perfect comment.

Jams for listening all the time and for your consistency (sounds weird but even the Asian bread is consistent). I really respect your seriousness and your sense of responsibility and your matureness and your good advice. You also have the most interesting glasses collection.

Lullien for being a music buddy and a college presentation buddy and a San Francisco buddy and just a great friend. I love all your snarky comments and your little tips about random stuff and your comfortableness.

Dillion for being a rather mature Scott. Most guys would have freaked; thanks for not doing so. Also thanks for dealing with me in like, three of your classes and for being just nice and pleasant to talk to and be around.

VarV for also dealing with me in three of your classes and for being random and weird and for getting upset at my not telling you it was my birthday.

StaG for being one of the most excitable, most genuine people I know and for coming up with the name for our lab group. Your VP speech was so adorable and I think being around you makes me more optimistic.

AlvH/AlaH for being really freaking crazy at chem (“I hate Brown. Brown is stupid.”), for being a great French partner last year and for adopting me as your older sister.

CatZ/(CatZ) for being super nice and (superr nice and) and humble and really adorable with ahem (and also adopting me as your older sister) or just adorable in general. I swear, we’re like the trilingual Trio. Or I’m trilingual third wheel with the trilingual couple. And also, thanks for always having the right answer.

AusW/ÉtiW—mrow (ps your brother is really cute and he seems like he’s just like you omg) math and French for the second year woohoo! Thanks for showing AlvH and me really cool math things and for composing music and for being way more YOLO than you seem 😛 I don’t think we spoke very much French at that table oops.

KelL (the girl one)—our story started with English and PE and now we have English and PE together again! You’re really the funniest, hungriest (like literally food hungry) girl I know, even when you’re tired and sleep-deprived and cold.

AurZ—though I didn’t like you for a long time, I think I forgive you because that was a long time ago and you’re actually an okay person. Thanks for being smart and okay deep down, I guess. And for putting the pro in procrastinator.

JedG—thank you for being exceedingly patient and for believing in how far I could go. You are one of the best teachers I’ve ever had the luck to study under—you know when to push me really hard and you know when to make inspirational speeches on the spot (the one before Panel really helped, thanks). You’re cool and kind of cute, with your “I thought I sent emails to everyone but I only sent them to three people” and the Uncle Sam on your bulletin board that says “I want YOU to practice every day” and your tennis racquet fly swatter and your huge smile. Thanks also for the rec letter omg I’m probably not getting into any colleges without that. 😛 Sorry for all the technical hassle it caused you.

MlleH for being the strictest and coolest French teacher I’ve had (well I think you and MmeR are tied for that) Even though your class is quite a bit of work (and even though I often do it in first period oops), thanks for your sass and your French-ness and your hatred of political correctness.

ChaB for being smart and really excited about math and compsci and the like. Like, how you bounce up and down when you think something is really cool. I think my writing cannot do your niceness justice and I’m so grateful for the amount of hope (is that the right word?) you see in your students. (Thanks for writing my letter of rec and for writing like 100000 other people’s.)

NinL—I actually have no idea why you like me, but thanks for that! (LOL) I love your views of life and how I can really talk frankly with you. Thank you even for shipping me with DilP; even though it’s a bit awkward I find it quite endearing that you actually take the time to really get to know your students.

PetG for being downright cool.

AllW thanks for the randomness. KelL thanks for being like producer/director of that Modernism video. SonW for being a super-advocate of my prom ask and for being real intense at like, everything. JerW for reading my blog and for all the interesting things on his. I really appreciate your yolo-ness. And your logic. And I’m stealing your name format because I think it works pretty well. WilB/GuiB for not being too awkward for the jitterbug. I think we really need to start. PriS/PauS—for being like really nice and for our cram sessions. AnuM/SylM—you’ll make an adorable Atilla. MarC (woah this name thing works perfectly huh) thanks for confirming the French homework for me so much. JamQ/JacQ thanks for taking care of all the flies in the class. Even though you creeped me out since like eighth grade, I think you’re actually a good person at heart. Jen(?)/Mar for being quiet and serious and smart.

AndW, CarW, JosL, VivS, MisG, SonW (again), RacW, VinW, AmaM, ElaL, TCQ, for being truly amazing musicians. AndW for being way too tall and for playing the Wanderer Fantasy (still remember it!) and for having way bigger hands than the rest of us and for being a kid magnet. (Go Cal!?) CarW for being the other tall kid magnet and the life of the party (you and your mom and your sister are so cute and funny) and for your facial expressions. Oberlin! Real respect for you for pursuing music as a career. JosL for being too good at Chopin, for being really really nice and for being bad at poker (how many hours did you have to practice again?). VivS for your huge collection of dresses, for your hyperactivity, for supporting me even like right before my big performance, and for the cute pictures with GorM. 😛 SonW for your incredible impressionistic music—honestly, no one plays those water pieces better than you. VinW for being way too genius and for playing all the pieces everyone ever wanted to play but couldn’t. RacW for being adorable and really loud and for your and VinW’s mom. Interesting mothers. AmaM for actually thinking I was my sister’s age and for your unquestionable grit. ElaL for being freaking good and still really humble about it. TCQ for bowing in the most interesting way. KatLV for supporting me with VivS and for your cute pregnancy pictures. I still remember back in eighth grade when I came to the studio you were just engaged and now no one can wait for your adorable baby.

Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Barber, Prokofiev, Rachmaninoff, Saint-Saens, Schubert, Schumann, and Liszt (yes, even you) for composing some of the most beautiful music ever. I’ve enjoyed playing your pieces (other than Rach—why did you have such big hands).

My books for making me smarter and calming me down.

Handwarmers for being useful.

Common App for saving me from too much app filling.

My pianos for enduring my wrong notes and octaves and tears and hopes and dreams and fears.

And you, dear reader, for staying with me to the end.


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