The Night is Still Young

(I gave up doing the code name thing for this one. Just too many people.)

Our junior prom was yesterday. Hmm where do I start? The ask I guess then?

Wednesdays in my school are late-start (9:00 instead of 8:00), so I like to schedule my orthodontist appointments then. My appointment ended at around 8:00, so I got to school at around 8:15. 45 minutes until school starts, I think it’s time to finish my homework! I went into the library, finished my stats homework, and stood outside to wait for AKao.

That was the first day I came to school early for a few weeks, and he came to school carrying flowers. Oopsies. So he asked me there, and that was that.

People keep saying how it took three hours to get ready. I took half an hour: no makeup other than lipstick, hair down, but tied on the top, and nail polish on feet only (there’s no point doing my fingernails—they’re going to chip when I play piano.) Black dress, but with sparkly crystals on the sides and back.

Preprom started at 3 at DChang’s house, got there at around 3:05. Originally we were going to go the Mission, but there was a 50 person preprom group using it (outnumbered lol). Most people were early or on time wow. Except not my date. What? He came at 3:30, because he thought when I said “3ish” I meant “3-something,” not “around 3.” His parents took pictures, other parents took pictures, TDangVu takes pictures. Also TDangVu single-handedly put on everyone’s boutonniere. There’s a lot of posing in this preprom business. And getting hot. We found that we can’t make a rainbow, because we didn’t enough colors—we had 2 reds, 2 light pinks, 3 champagnes, 1 light blue, a lot of royal blues and navies, and 2 blacks.

AHsu’s rose on his boutonniere just kind of fell off. It took many people, three pins, and a lot of struggling to reattach it. Selfies are hard to take. ESitu, VLiu, and I spent ten minutes talking about selfie technique. Selfies ensue.

Couple pictures—pretending to put on the boutonnieres and corsages lol. Also AHsu lol. He was shorter than SHe in heels, so SHe changed into flip-flops. Getting them to “stand closer” took a lot of effort, and his hoverhand that was so far from her shoulder that it was probably not even a hoverhand anymore.

Girls kept stepping on their trains, and I congratulated myself for telling the tailor to cut the train off.

Two hours later, I decided that three-and-a-half inch were not my thing, and the bus came. The bus ride there was not too exciting. Attempts were made to play Cards Against Humanity, but it didn’t really work out.

We got to the entrance, took pictures, and then we separated into girls and guys for checking bags and stuff. I didn’t bring a clutch, so it was really simple for me. (AKao was my clutch; I just gave him my stuff (bandaids, money, and ID).)

I got into the entry hall, regrouped and mingled some more, and then we took (professional) pictures. We watched AHsu struggle once again, found a group of ten (AKwok and SYoon, KLin and JLuu, KArima and SYang, JZhu and AKwong and us) and went to find a table.

(I know that the organization of this post is horrible, but sometimes chronology doesn’t work.)

Chivalry is definitely not dead. No, I don’t care that chivalry is anti-feminist or promoting male dominance or whatever. I suppose so is making girls wear dresses and high heels. But seriously, if you want to make a girl feel special, just be a gentleman. I promise you’ll increase you chances of getting a girl.

Dinner took nearly two hours to eat, because people kept visiting and mingling and in general, being hyped up for prom in general. The first hour or so was really fun. AKao teaching me which knives / forks / glass to use. Chivalry yay, and anti-chivalry on SYang’s part. He made KArima get drinks, because his “feet hurt.” I’m not sure why he wore like 3-inch dress shoes and she just 2-inch heels, since their natural height difference is already a foot. Then people started taking pictures, and apparently they needed a funny one of us. Not too sure if it worked well. CWustenhoff stopped by, and so did SLi.

I was really loving my table until SLam and his date (let’s just call her AM) showed up. They wanted to join our table because the rest were full (or the ones with people they knew were full). Anyway, SLam is okay, but his date moved to another school in freshman year, and she generally is not well-liked. I’m not sure if she realized none of us were too hot with the idea of having twelve at a table, but she kept fake-apologizing.

AM was just kind of awkward. I’m not sure if she knew about table manners at prom; if she knew she definitely did not try. Like, there’s a knife for a reason. You use that to cut your bread. She just kind of ripped the bread. Also she took a candle and told SLam to blow it out. I just had such a problem with that. The candle is there for decoration, don’t just go around ruining it. And the chicken. Because one table (generally) seats eight, there were only eight pieces of chicken. She took the plate first and just helped herself. And no one said anything, because no one wanted to have a bad night.

After dinner, KZeng showed up and said to AKao, “Let’s take selfies in the bathroom!” I thought taking selfies in the bathroom was something AKao would be kind of reluctant to do (apparently he went to the bathroom when the rest of them were taking selfies). And then KLin was like, “Let’s also take go take selfies in the bathroom too!” And we met up a bunch of other people to take selfies in the bathroom.

We went back and talked some more after that, looked at the chocolate fountain line and was like, that line is way too long. Saw JFendell took pictures with him. Went outside, took pictures. For some reason AKao took off his glasses and then the rest of the guys did the same (wow they all had glasses!) Group picture, and then the guys got into some mishap with slapping and AKao who was not involved got involved by AKwong and waow AKao got violent?! No joke 😛 And then we realized SYang lost his boutonniere (not sure when or how) but we couldn’t find it.

We went back in, and AM demonstrated her rather awkward dance moves and JZhu demonstrated the loud boisterous side of her. And we danced (I think? Chronology breaks down a little here.) Dancing is actually pretty fun, if you don’t think about how stupid you look and how much your feet are hurting and how much worse your feet are going to hurt.

Then someone got the idea of taking a (professional) group picture. Group was SWang and JChao, KLin and JLuu, SYoon and AKwok, JZhu and AKwong, and us. Money complications, etc, etc. As we’re figuring stuff out JFendell and his wife take a picture. Cute old couple 😀

After that, we went to take photobooth pics. The line…was. So. Long. We took pictures, zoomed in on people’s faces, and other random stuff. First group was KLin, JLuu, SYang, and KArima. Then us. Okay we’ve actually never taken photobooth pictures before and accidentally pressed the button for black and white photos. So…four pictures taken seven seconds apart with us panicking in between. Oopsies. Apparently they turned out funny though.

Went outside again, more pictures, JZhu applied bandaids to her feet by the fountain. Talking, talking, we went back inside to get drinks, and because I was cold. Pull two chairs out and just watch people dance. JZhu and AKwong maybe felt awkward alone together (or something?) and they came soon after. AKwong tries to take pictures of us, which makes things a little awkward. (Waitt somewhere before this there was a slow dance…but where??)

JZhu suggests we go dance, and we dance until the end.

Prom was over, but the night was still young.

We got back to the party bus, and we sang “We’re Never Ever Getting Back Together” (someone told JChao a song we could all sing to…and he chose this one), “Payphone,” “Let’s Get Down to Business” (“mysterious as the dark side of the mooon), “Let It Go,” and “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”.

And that was the end.


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