If you are a guy, you may or may not be comfortable reading this. I warned you, so either 1) be mature or 2) don’t read this.

Once a month, I run into a series of rather awkward situations. The situations are predictable but unavoidable. Let me explain:

My pads are in my backpack. I therefore have two choices: I can go to the bathroom with my backpack, wait in line, and risk being late. Or I can leave my backpack in the classroom but I have to somehow take a pad out without anyone noticing. Yes, I know that the guy talking to me isn’t trying to make things awkward. Nor are the other fifteen guys in my class trying to make me self-conscious. (In physics, the number is 27.) But really, it’s some awkward stuff.

Sometimes, I walk into class and I think, Oh shoot, I don’t think I want to deal with that awkward stuff today, so do I just walk out now…with my backpack on? Well oops. Also, backpacks are really bulky in bathroom stalls.

I think (and hope) I’m not the only one who gets stuck in this dilemma.

On a close-ish tangent, it annoys me when guys accuse girls of PMS. I don’t think I act any differently, but maybe some girls do. (I’m not going to say girls are exactly faultless either; I daresay some use PMS as an excuse to be overly emotional and bad-tempered.) Generally though, we don’t do it on purpose. And generally, the smart thing to do with a moody girl is not dismiss her problems and say, “Stop PMSing,” because she is in a slightly volatile mood and you do not want to be the spark.


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