2013: A Year in Review

2013 began in a family friend’s house. I was probably playing Wii, or chatting, and the parents were playing 80 points. It  began with a eight resolutions I wrote down in my diary (diary being a loose term), which included the following: make a set of goals everyday, exercise regularly, stop procrastinating so much, write in my diary daily, learn how to cook, be more truthful to myself, be more focused,  and actually talk to the guy I liked.

I don’t know how well more truthful and more focused turned out, but the first five were all broken within a month and a half into the year. I did not learn how to cook (not competently anyway). Thus a month and a half into 2013, I decided resolutions didn’t really help, which is why I didn’t make any this year. Or perhaps my failure of last year’s resolutions made me not want to fail again. Bad Jerry. I will probably get around to doing it, actually.

You may have noticed I have still one resolution to talk about. Talking. I think I nailed that one. I also think the same result would have happened even if I didn’t make that resolution.

I just wrote out the beginning of the story, but I think it’s not really part of 2013, so not today. Maybe I’ll write it again someday.

Anyway, we chatted a lot and pretty much didn’t talk. Apparently that was my main reason for that resolution…I’m not sure who to believe, the right now me, or the me on this page. Sometime in early February I decided to ask him to Sadie’s. I’m not sure what I was thinking, but it was probably something like, Yolo yeahhh — what the heck am you sure — yolo you know, like well, I think,  if he says no he’ll at least be nice about it. And so I learned what yolo really was.

That day was so scary it’s hard to relate. It was a puzzle, spread over periods two to four, and then lunch. The last piece I would give to him. In French, all I did was freak out. In English and chemistry, we actually had to do stuff, so I put my mind on something else. In math, we were supposed to do homework, but all I did was hug my math book, tell my friend that I was scared, make myself as small as possible, and stare at the clock. It took me ten minutes during lunch to give him the last piece.

Apparently I made mistakes (yes apparently plural too) on the puzzle, so it took him a while to figure it what it said. And it took until the next day for him to tell me, because he couldn’t find me before.

Well, he said yes. And I suppose that’s how we began the beginning.

We found that gossip spreads faster than fire and that secrets are hard to keep.

Sadie’s…well I guess we actually started then.

Piano stuff. Junior Bach. Somehow I managed to make a memory slip and still get through. And then I played the same piece (entire Partita No. 1) as my piano teacher’s son, who couldn’t make it to his concert, so we switched. My concert was in a church up really high so the view was beautiful. (: I also had Chinese school on the same day, so I missed rehearsal. Yeah, they were pretty peeved. According to my teacher, I was lucky they let me play. Well, it wasn’t as if I was sleeping while rehearsal happened. I was in Chinese school. I think I did okay though. Bach sounds the best in tall airy churches.  And of course good pianos. Also apparently there was a woman who likes Bach so much that she has not missed a single Junior Bach concert since twenty years ago. What.

I managed to completely screw up Panel and East Bay sigh. I guess it was a hard but completely necessary lesson for me. There are simply no shortcuts in good music. I stopped looking for them after that. Yes, now I practice my rhythms (a lot more than before) and I practice hands separate and I practice slow and it’s a pain but there is no other way.

And I stretch my fingers, because I still can’t reach a ten.

Volunteering. I think it’s gotten a lot easier for me to connect to the kids now. And it’s fun, and I got to meet new people during two weeks in San Jose. It’s really one of the few places I sing and dance.

Prom decorations (for volunteering) take so much time. And so much paint. And a lot of imaginary art skills.

What else…

I’ve gotten a lot better at writing poetry. According to Kitty, I prefer iambic tetrameter instead of iambic pentameter because musicians feel things in four instead of five. It’s probably true; I can’t write in pentameter since I don’t feel those extra two syllables.

Testing? Hm. AP Psychology is crammable. Two weeks, except it was kind of painful. AP Chinese was kind of a joke. AP Music Theory: probably should have played chord progressions since my dictations were like all bad. So I got a 4 because aural was a 3 QQ (nonaural I got a 5 thanks Mr. A for all that voice leading practice.) I got a 34 on ACT…and that’s it I think.

Oh, and during break I found a prom dress. More on that later.

Alright. Happy (belated) new year! Here’s to the best in 2014! (:


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