Merry Christmas! 😀 Is this bad that I didn’t think of this as “oh hey we’re celebrating the birth of Jesus” for the entire day? Oh well.

The Christmas presents I got everyone this year? Nonexistent, because the week before I had a recital, and the week before that...was preparation…and it was too early. In fact I was so worried about not having time that week that I almost told my mom to buy a dress the week before (for winter ball). Then situations…and stuff…and I was glad I didn’t tell her because I would have needed to explain why I wasn’t going now.

So cards instead of presents. Which of course I started on the last day at 12:30 AM. Making the cards took until 4:30, when I decided to sleep, and writing the cards took the until lunch.On a brighter note, the cards actually turned out okay–I’ll probably repeat this next year. Basically I took a watercolor paper and folded it into whatever size I wanted, making two sheets for each card. I took shiny wrapping paper and covered one of the pieces, and then I taped the other piece on top. I only used tape since the glue stick I found wasn’t working.

About sneezes…

There is a Chinese superstition / saying about sneezing that states something these lines: If you sneeze once, someone is thinking of you. If you sneeze twice, someone is cursing you. (In Chinese, this has a milder connotation.) If you sneeze three (or more) times you’re sick.

And it’s silly, but every time I sneeze I think of whoever is thinking of me…


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