Some girls in my grade started a Facebook group for prom dresses. (Yes, this early.) Basically, when you decide on a dress, you post the dress so no one shows up in the same one. And some people have already staked out their dresses this early.

Which, for some reason, made me paranoid, and even though I have homework to do, I looked up prom dresses. Lesson: prom dresses are quite scandalous.

First, there are the strapless ones. Strapless dresses mean you have to wear strapless everything. And floor length dresses have a quite a lot of potential energy, which isn’t stopped by too much, so they can slip.

And then when I find one that looks good that has straps, I click on it, and usually, my reaction is, oh, but it’s backless. Backless dresses, in my opinion, are more showy than strapless ones.

Or, it was a very pretty dress, except like there is a slit up to mid-thigh.

Another problem with the websites is you have options that enable you to narrow in on…more scandalous dresses. Not fair. And why are prom dresses the showiest? It seems no one really wears the same style of dress in other events.

So my challenge: find a pretty dress that’s still modest. Help?

Which genius decided that girls had to wear dresses anyway? And high heels? Cinderella wouldn’t have tripped and fell and left her shoe had her shoe not something so impossible to walk in. And although dresses keep us cool and un-sweaty in recitals, the flip side to that is freezing in school dances. In March, yes. (How did people even manage to wear short shorts?!)

With that thought, I think I should start on APUSH notes.


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