…and Stuff

Not posting for a few days feels weird now. Anyway, this is sort of a random stuff from the last three days post

Anyhow, on Monday, the first day back from break, my mom decides to bring the prom thing up again. Conversation (when I was washing dishes right after I get back from school):

Mom: When’s the eleventh grade dance again?
Me: Late March.
Mom: So, have you found a partner yet?
Me: [Welll it’s been one day and I thought I explained to you earlier] Um no. Boys find girls, remember?Mom: Is there going to be someone who’ll ask you?
Me: [Puts on straight, indifferent face] I don’t know.

[Few rounds of this later…]

Mom: Well, if no one’s going to ask you, I can arrange for someone to do so.Me: [WHAT? Nonono mommy, please no arranged dance partner please how about no.  That would be awkward for everyone please let’s not.] Um, you know, if no one asks me, I can go alone.
Mom: Who in the world goes alone?
Me: Every year, quite a few people do.
Sister: [who was supposed to be playing piano] But you don’t want to be one of those people.
Me: [mouths “Shut up” to my sister]
Sister: [giggles] Do you think (Penguin cat) will ask you?
Me: [BAD question meimei badbadbad]
Mom: Yeah, about him. Last year, for that dance, did he invite you or did you invite him?
Me: [Horrible question mommy] I forgot.


I have a piano recital in ten days. Yay! No, not really. I had piano class today, and my teacher and I just decided on a piece. And also this girl injured her left wrist, and I get to play the left hand. By heart (pressure’s on sigh), so by the end of this, I’ll know the left hand cold. But it’s a freaking etude, and we get one practice session. Gee teacher, thanks for the very advance notice.

That Chopin Scherzo. I thought I played it okay, but nope. When teacher says you’ll have to practice slow a lot ten days before the performance that’s usually not a good sign. When the teacher spends most of your two-hour lesson on your piece ten days before that’s probably not a good sign either. And cold weather never helps.

Ten days. Can I do this? Hopefully.


Guys vs. Girls?

Sometime during the summer, my sister said to me, “You know, jiejie, in a ways you’re a guy.” And she proceeds to not tell me how. Well, of course I wanted to know why, since a girl being called like a boy is generally not good. I nagged her for a whole day until she finally told me.

“Guys, if you ask them to do something nicely, they’ll do it for you, but girls do what girls want to do.” Well. After thinking about it for a while, I found that was mostly true. Go sister for good observations.


Winterball! Suddenly our school “secret love confessions” Facebook page is starting to have some activity. And watching guys plan is fun!


Okay it’s midnight, and I have to finish most of my homework. Which consists of APUSH notes (barely started), physics homework (not started), French (mostly done), and math (not started). Procrastination sigh.


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