Merry Christmas! 😀 Is this bad that I didn’t think of this as “oh hey we’re celebrating the birth of Jesus” for the entire day? Oh well. The Christmas presents I got everyone this year? Nonexistent, because the week before I had a recital, and the week before that…was preparation…and it was too early. In […]

Bible Study 12/9/2013

I was going to post earlier, but was a little lazy. I’m not going to claim that I know this very well, but here we go! Apparently we stopped with the everyone-shares-favorite-passage thing, because we’re skipping a lot of Mondays (every other Monday, and the ones after the previous meeting were three-day weekend and break). […]


Some girls in my grade started a Facebook group for prom dresses. (Yes, this early.) Basically, when you decide on a dress, you post the dress so no one shows up in the same one. And some people have already staked out their dresses this early. Which, for some reason, made me paranoid, and even […]

…and Stuff

Not posting for a few days feels weird now. Anyway, this is sort of a random stuff from the last three days post Anyhow, on Monday, the first day back from break, my mom decides to bring the prom thing up again. Conversation (when I was washing dishes right after I get back from school): […]

NaBloPoMo 2013 – Endings

NaBloPoMo was quite an adventure, to say the least. On top of schoolwork and piano and stuff, I sometimes found myself waking up at 5 AM in front of computer. And then I would finish my post. Or my APUSH homework. Or both. It probably did not make me manage my time better, considering that […]