Flowers and Asking

In music theory last year, a classmate was discussing how she didn’t get why guys got girls flowers, since it was like, I love so much I’d kill something for you. Well, later, I thought it over and I thought, Well, flowers will die anyway and besides, it’s sweet. And I don’t think many people share her view. So don’t worry about getting your girl flowers.

Anyway, I was curious, so I searched up different flowers and what they meant.

  1. Roses. Roses are so nice 😀 Red roses obviously represent love. (Just a personal opinion: dark red roses seem extra special) Pink roses are somewhat gentler and more graceful. Yellow usually means “just friends.” Orange supposedly represents passion, and lavender love at first sight.
  2. Tulips. Perfect love. Color meanings are similar to roses.
  3. Carnations. Carnations smell really nice, and they represent fascination, distinction, and love..
  4. Lilies. Traditionally, lilies represented innocence and purity. And they smell really nice.

Okay since winterball is coming up…Here are some tips (from a girl’s view):

  1. Don’t be a douche. Meaning don’t ask five girls over Facebook at once. Watcha gonna do if they find out. (Yes, there was actually someone who did this.)
  2. Facebook is a bad place to ask someone. This goes with not being a douche.
  3. Flowers are good. Seriously, don’t forget the flowers. Origami flowers are cute, but nothing really beats live flowers. And maybe instead of handing her the roses in the original plastic from the store, make it pretty–wrap it all with tissue paper or something.
  4. How public do you want to make it? Don’t make a huge fuss of it if you’re not sure the people around you will appreciate it. Also, making it public makes it really hard for someone to reject you.
  5. Make her smile. Be witty and sweet and creative. Make it fun for both parties. Try to plan it well. Although in the end, she won’t care so much if you tried.

And with that, good luck and let season begin! (:


One thought on “Flowers and Asking

  1. I think what yo frand means is that flowers are sort of symbolic; they’re like garden of eden, children of the divine and all that jazz. If you’re willing to take something so beautiful and chaste and lovely to give to that special someone rather than just admire it in nature (where it belongs… it doesn’t live long? really jarry? come on;)), then it’s specialll.

    or you could just be a product of your discourse with no thoughts or real intentions whatsoever and just give flowers. that too.


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