Things actually happened in stats today.

First, I was kind of late (as in only a minute early) because someone decided to go the long way to surprise me. I’m also in this bad habit of asking my teacher to get my book everyday before class. Today, since I was late, he said, “Hurry up, Jerry!” What? He knows my name? (My stats teacher very rarely uses names. He’s one of those teachers that just points at you to call on you.)

Class starts, and I decide to try to get stats homework done in class. Lights are turned off. All of the sudden the girl behind me throws her scarf around me. And I squeal. Hey, I was totally not expecting that, okay? No one really hears. But. She wouldn’t let go of the scarf. I tell her to stop, but she can’t see my face, so she doesn’t.

Then teacher sees me.

Ohno. Nope. So I forcibly extract myself from the scarf. I giggle to try to keep him from staring.

Well, he keeps staring. And all heads turn in my direction. At the same time. Seeing that was really the scariest thing ever. It would have been cool, the pattern, except everyone’s looking at me. It wasn’t not even my fault.

It was like that time in ninth grade the principal walked in saying, “Is there a Jerry in this class?” Mortifying much? In the end, it was about some music festival I was performing in, but it wasn’t even that big.

Remember that pop song that was really popular two years ago that went something like “Everybody stops and they staring at me”? I would die if people did that everywhere I went. The thing is, I can’t be like other people and look good in attention. I blush and wish I could disappear and then people would forget why they were staring. How do people act so cool when everyone is watching? I don’t know. I’ll just blend into the crowd, and no one will call on me.


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