Angel Voices

My sister generally really doesn’t get my taste in pop music. Not that I have much of a taste, since I don’t listen to much–just a short playlist that repeats itself. Mostly American artists, but some French artists. The artists of my favorite songs on the playlist are Alicia Keys, (old) Rihanna, and Zaz. (I don’t know, maybe that gives you an idea what my “taste” is like.)

Well, then Someday by Chloë Agnew comes on, and my sister decides that this was the one artist she liked. “Her voice is like an angel’s.”

I started thinking, what does an angel’s voice sound like? What would it sound like? Why does it have to be sweet? Why does it have to bring some good message about the future? I don’t know about you, but I would like angels to understand people’s struggles in the present and not just assure that someday somehow everything will okay.


One thought on “Angel Voices

  1. Angels have sweet voices because people look to religion for comfort and safety (for the most part), and to other people for understanding

    Religion was meant to prevent people from growing crazy about the unknown, and perhaps not exactly to discover and dissect it, at least in the old days. That’s why it’s a good message.


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