Fate and Free Will Revisited

In ninth grade, we were reading Romeo and Juliet in English, and my teacher gave us an essay to write. Actually, she gave us a choice of three, and I chose the one that said something like, “Discuss the role of fate and free will in the play.”

Reading that essay again made me realize how badly I wrote and how horribly pretentious I sounded. But my bad writing isn’t the topic of this post. Nah, today somehow I started discussing previous English teachers and I started thinking about this question again: is it fate or free will? Rather, since it’s quite obvious it’s both, the question is, is it more fate or free will?

In my essay, I said it was more fate, but that was given the context (Romeo and Juliet) and I was procrastinating and therefore did not think things through as much. My conclusion at the end was simply, fate gives us something, and all we can do is work around that.

Some of my best friends are people I wouldn’t have known much past names if someone didn’t just randomly start a conversation. Thinking about meeting them makes me think and here’s what I’ve come up with: First fate then you decide something at a certain time in certain conditions you cannot control, which is fate again. And it repeats. And repeats.

I think it gets way too complicated for me to decide which one it is.

[PS Sorry for not posting yesterday double post today here we go!]


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