Warning: this is a rant of sorts.

For the past two days in English class, our teacher has been absent. Our assignment was to put together in (assigned) groups of like  a presentation on one symbol or motif (also assigned). Evidently, I’m not very fond of my group.

There’s this girl who really annoys me. Allow me to fill in the background to my story. She has not read the Scarlet Letter yet. Like not even a chapter. And she proceeds to answer all the questions…by searching up essays other people wrote. And she didn’t even bother rephrasing. For example, she wrote something like, “Darkness represents the demonic tendencies of the characters.” Whut. Pretty obvious where she got that… And she can’t support what she says because wait, you haven’t read the book.

It really irks me when people do that, especially in English / French. Because it’s like, oh, it’s English, let’s look online for the answers, because obviously, what other people wrote sounds legit. Well, Sparknotes sounds legit. And then we’ll study the essay so much because if we don’t then it’ll become obvious we didn’t prepare. It’s still obvious you didn’t because you keep repeating the same phrase over and over again. But if you used that time to do the work yourself you would not look stupid.

I previously did another project with this girl. Well, it was me, her, and five other people. One day we had a huge meeting and everyone was discussing what we should do, and she literally. Said. One. Sentence. And we decided to have 5 stations, so 2 stations had to have two people. I was paired with her.

We were supposed to hold a discussion; we wrote beforehand a set of questions. But the thing is, it’s a discussion. The questions are supposed to guide the discussion. She insisted on getting through all the questions. But if they’re discussing then let them discuss. That means they’re actually thinking about it.

Ugh D:

Rant over thanks for reading.


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