[Oops how did I not post this yesterday.]

Today is my sister’s thirteenth birthday. Thirteen years of living with this girl. Not exactly, since when she was born I was in China, and later when she went to China. (Relatives want to see baby, etc.) So more like about twelve years. But that’s still most of my life.

Honestly, in the beginning, I was a pretty bad sister. Maybe it was an attention thing–suddenly this baby has all of it. Sibling rivalry stuff. Fights could get really intense. Somewhere along the way though, I decided to become a better sister. Probably it was because I wanted to protect her from the mean people in her grade or something, but to do that I needed to be nice to her regularly. Her personality is more (err Chinese is 要强), so I decided to be more okay with stuff. Plus, fighting is tiring, and my parents always side with her since “it takes two wrong people to fight” and “the elder sibling should know better.”

Or perhaps it was card playing in China. We spent over two months in China, mostly at my grandmother’s house, which is lacking in pianos, computers, and board games. Some days we went visiting my mom’s friends in the day, and other days my mom took us touring , but mostly it was just my sister and me. What else was there to do? We played 争上游 (which Wikipedia says is “Winner.”) The game is much like Big Two, except no suits and there are a lot more possible combinations. We must have played that game a few hundred times by the end of trip.

My sister and I don’t fight anymore, and when we do, we both decide after twenty minutes life would be a lot more fun not being mad.

She’s kind of careless, but not in my way. For example, sometimes she wears her right shoe on her left foot. Or she wears two right shoes (one of mine, one of hers. Problems like this arise when our mom buys our shoes.) Today, she wore her shirt backwards and didn’t notice until I told her.

She’s also a troll, but only to me. I won’t explain this one, except that I’m really gullible.

I’d write more, but I have homework.

Okay happy birthday meimei it’s been a great thirteen years~


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