I started taking French in eighth grade. At first it sounded really weird, and we were just speaking words. Then it started becoming really cool and intuitive and more of a language. I had a really good French teacher, so we learned everything in the book really well.

Well, my next teacher was good at French, but not at teaching. She had a lot plans, none of which she followed for a long enough time for us to learn anything. In the end, she just let us watch a movies, made memorize poems, and taught a lot of grammar. Grammar she repeated over and over since people weren’t listening the first or second or even third time and she didn’t want to fail them.

But really I like French culture. Hollywood doesn’t exist in France, and neither do Hollywood endings. Which is, to me, more dramatic because it’s more realistic. And you don’t really know how it’s going to end, since there’s only one way for everything to go right and infinite ways for things to go wrong. And it can’t always work out that well. The French are very romantic, but they are more realistic about it. (Okay, well, being an American, I still find their idea of “nothing about love should be censored” a little strange.) That’s not to say that the French have no sense of humor. They’re really into awkward situation / faux pas humor. Probably my favorite type since even I don’t get into situations that bad.

French music is really nice. Edith Piaf. Roméo and Juliette soundtrack. And Debussy. And Saint-Saëns! I really like my Saint-Saëns Concerto 😀 There’s the Struggle but there’s also the Running Fingers through Water and Fairy Dance and the Very Grand Ending. (Yes I made up these names.) Dominant to minor Tonic is even more dramatic than dominant to major Tonic. (Unless it’s Beethoven and he keeps that dominant forever then the tonic at the end is like yes!) Also g minor is one of my favorite keys. And it’s relatively playable and fun to play. Officially my favorite piece right now.

Moral of the story: French movies are good and will make you want to cry (MolièreLe Papillon, Cyrano de Bergerac, Les Intouchables, Bienvenue Chez les Ch’tis, Le Petit Nicolas, etc.) French music is also good and it is highly advisable to listen to Saint-Saëns Piano Concerto No. 2, his Organ Symphony, and his Le carnaval des animaux.



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