Why so serious?

[Hm WordPress changed. I liked the simpler font better. But the colors are pretty. I still have too much homework to really write the last part to that uber long post. I’ll get to it, though probably on the weekend.]

Smiles make the world seem a lot more welcoming. They connect passerby who don’t even know each other. I think it’s awkward to pass by someone you recognize with just a poker face. I don’t know if other people feel the same way, awkward person that I am. And of course it’s probably not good to smile at inappropriate times, like when your parents are mad at you.

Even when horrible days happen, I still force myself to smile naturally for the sake of brightening someone else’s day. Which then in turn makes my day that much better, since I know I didn’t just pout at someone for something that’s not his/her fault. Pouting at the world just makes the me want to pout more.

And even when it is the person’s fault, smiles bring us back together. (Currently my sleep-deprived brain can only think of one instance when this actually happened to me. Maybe it’s just that he knows me well enough to know what the best to do would be.) Yes, a conciliatory smile. When words could be said or heard or analyzed wrong, there’s always the “please let it be okay” smile.

Why so serious? Smile!~ [:


3 thoughts on “Why so serious?

  1. Ha! That mad parents situation reminded me of myself: Sometimes when my dad yells at me or he tells me very serious things, I start laughing without my will 😀

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