[I started this post yesterday, but then my mom made me go to sleep early.] It’s Thanksgiving! I guess I’ll start this with a list of the things I’m thankful for: I am thankful for my parents, my crazy sister, my home, my school, my supportive friends, and a certain person who fits in none […]

All right

Alyssa had promised herself she would tell him everyday for two weeks. But it seemed everyday there was a club meeting, or he was playing cards with his friends, and she hated walking all the way over to their table just to find out they didn’t have another person for their game. Online chat was […]

包子 (Baozi)

Yes, I know I didn’t post anything yesterday. It’s because break for musicians means lots of practice while there’s time, so I wasn’t online yesterday. So here’s yesterday’s post. This is a really cute video 😀 If you who don’t understand, 包子 is a bun with stuff inside(the stuff varies). The boy wants another one, […]

Flowers and Asking

In music theory last year, a classmate was discussing how she didn’t get why guys got girls flowers, since it was like, I love so much I’d kill something for you. Well, later, I thought it over and I thought, Well, flowers will die anyway and besides, it’s sweet. And I don’t think many people […]


Birthday post let’s go! I didn’t post yesterday because I had a huge amount of homework…so I ended up falling asleep in front of my computer. I woke up at around 5 and finished my APUSH notes by 7. What a way to start my day. It was slightly raining, so I asked my dad […]