All those singers lamenting falling in love with trouble.
Fickle deceitful or just plain mean.
I won’t be stupid, thought I.
I’ll choose carefully.

And I did.
Shy and quiet, means everything he says.
Intelligent, yet humble about it.
Kind true and
just plain nice.

But he’s uncertain and he tells me and
I fall apart
I hug my knees and
but what if?
and hope flees and
but why?
and then
the tears start and
don’t stop
he’s not gone but
I don’t want to lose him.

And those singers who don’t realize
we are safe from unfaithful mean liars
who leave shards to hate and sing about.

Now I see
if he walks away, no shards will he leave behind—
the pain won’t be from him but from
me, for
What if I just wasn’t good enough?


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